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Malvern College stages Field Gun Run at 150th Commemoration

In 1900 Captain David Reginald Younger (Old Malvernian, No. 4,1885–1890) of the 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders lost his life while engaged in heavy fighting near Krugersdorp in South Africa during the Boer War. He was trying to drag a gun and ammunition into cover under enemy fire. He was 29. For his brave actions on that day he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the first from his school to receive the award. In honour of Captain Younger, the CCF at Malvern College planned and executed a great Field Gun Run at Commemoration in the College’s 150th anniversary year. A team of cadets challenged the 1st XV Rugby team. The course was laid out to include obstacles and a long drag. The gun was a scaled-down version of the Ordnance BL 15 pounder, the British Army’s field gun in the Second Boer War. Both teams received extended training in manoeuvring and dismantling the gun from their respective managers, Lt Barry Brown (CCF) and Nick Tisdale (Master i/c Rugby). Ultimately, as it would have been in 1900, success for either team in the ensuing contest would be down to the greatest effort they could put in on the day. Both teams did themselves credit, showing leadership, teamwork, brute strength and force of will to cover the course with the fewest faults in the best time. The CCF won the day but by the narrowest of margins.
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