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Boarding Orchard set to blossom at Bruton

Things are set to ‘blossom at Bruton’ thanks to a new addition to the school’s apple orchard. Bruton School for Girls is a partner school in the Boarding Schools’ Association’s (BSA) ‘Boarding Orchard’ which seeks to have the largest orchard by distance in the UK.  Numerous schools around the UK are planting fruit trees as part of this national project.

To mark the occasion, Robin Fletcher, National Director of the BSA, was guest of honour and was invited to plant a ‘Katy’ apple tree. Ably assisted by Head and Deputy Girls, the new apple tree was soon rooted firmly in place and will be symbolic of the values of knowledge, growth and nurturing. 
The school’s existing orchard was extended three years ago with assistance from the Parent Staff Association. Being able to produce apple juice ties in well with the school’s Eco-Ambassador status.

Mrs Nicky Botterill, Headmistress at Bruton School for Girls, said: ‘We are delighted to be part of the National Boarding Orchard and we are looking forward to seeing the first fruit from the new apple tree. This will be a welcome addition to the other apple varieties in our orchard. As a county famous for its apples and home-pressed juice, we love the idea that ‘Katy’ will be here for generations of Sunny Hill Girls to come!’.
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